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andy gibson is an auckland based musician of depth and sincerity. his voice is compelling and has a distinctively new zealand character. in 2007, he released ‘behind the i’, a carefully crafted album of melodic indie pop songs with strands of electronica and folk. influences include bright eyes, radiohead, jeff buckley and bic runga. lyrically, andy’s songs tackle human issues, addressing both personal and global struggles.

‘behind the i’ was released on jody lloyd’s she’ll be right records and is distributed by rhythm method. it was recorded between andy’s home studio and the lab studios. cousin sam gibson (sound engineer for neil finn, dave dobbyn) mixed the album in the uk and mastering was done at york street. musicians featured on the album come from many corners of nz’s music scene: tui winner charmaine ford on piano; stephen thomas (spacifix) on drums; dylan storey on electric guitars, sam prebble on violin and harmonies by reb fountain.

andy has spent a lot of time moving around. he has lived in paris and boston, thailand and india and his time in new zealand has been spread between wellington, auckland, christchurch and dunedin. andy is both a musician and a sociolinguist – he is currently working on a masters degree on the topic of singing accents in new zealand.

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